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consists of a team of experienced engineers and architects specialized in the field of planning and design, coordination and implementation of industrial plants, buildings and environmental projects, reconstruction of already existing operations of buildings, processes and industry.

is an established planning and design organization founded more than 30 years ago and having extensive knowledge of the trade acquired with projects at home and abroad.

know, thanks to their activities of many years as factory planners, the particularities of the industry and thereby the special requirements regarding all sections and installations of plant as well as the scope of supplies required in each case, whatever project is to be handled, whether a new plant or an already existing operation which is to be reconstructed.

is specialized in turn key factory, buildings and plants planning Implementation of mechanical and chemical process installations Bulk handling, conveying, screening, drying, storing for bulk and liquid materials.

The automotive industry, especially paint shops.
Printing factories
Environmental applications
Building and Erection Supervision
Project Management
Costs control

Experienced experts and freelance partners dedicate themselves to our Clients projects, in Germany and internationally.

Himpel GmbH offers,
together with partners Complete solutions.

Bulk Material Handling and Processing Equipment
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